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Why did Jesus curse the fig tree? (see comments for discussion)

Today I ran across my daughter's blog, which seemed to have the other side of the story. Well, at least she has a sense of humor ... Here's what she wrote:

About me:
I started violin lessons when I was 5 and a half. I learned the suzuki method, where you play twinkle a million different ways, while walking around or spinning or other ridiculous things. I didn't want to learn how to read music but my mom insisted so she got me a different teacher just for that. His name was Robert and his house was kind of dark and gross. I still didn't learn to read music, so my mom started covering the finger numbers in my books with white-out. I started making her "practice with me" by playing the keyboard with me. I played every note a second after she did. She caught on. She made me learn to read music. I screamed and cried like it was oral surgery. My mom started putting MnM's on my music stand for every 10 min. I practiced correctly. I started refusing to play for anything but chocolate. As I grew older I could demand bigger treats. On violin lesson days, I was often taken out of school for lunch at the chinese restaurant before I was made to go to the lesson. After every recital I was awarded french fries and cheescake at the local diner, no matter what. To this day I wonder if it was my love of music, or my passion for junk food that kept me going for about 13 years...

Should I leave her a message inviting her to Chinese lunch if she opens her case?


Blogger fivecats said...

Cursed or blessed with recognition?

Hi Mary. Thanks for the link to your blog.

The blog link through my name here is for the political activist side of me that's now burned out on politics.

The more readily updated blog is at:


5:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It wasn't the season for figs-- "When the son of man comes, will he find faith(figs?) on earth" "Fruit", in the metaphorical sense? When Jesus returns will he find "the fig tree" bearing fruit? Even though it will be the season? Probably not, since the tree was cursed. Will Isreal as a nation be faithful?
Is the pope Catholic? Cathaholic?

2:40 AM  
Anonymous Duane said...

This is so weird - because - who on earth goes to a tree
NOT in season expecting to find fruit? And Jesus, who is
associated with healing and life giving - the next day the
poor tree is withered to the root?!
Doesn't make sense. I think this story is the figment
of someone's imagination.

12:45 PM  
Blogger sillygoatblog said...

Actually I just wrote that line because I am bummed that my daughter doesn't play her violin anymore ... guess violin mom never goes away ... anyway, maybe it wasn't the season for fruit ...
The more I think about it, the less it make sense, but the feeling was that there were leaves (fig) but not fruit.
Thanks for writing.
The pic was my digital collage for my art class. I had started a pop art one that was much happier, more like violin childhood, but the photo I had for the background woudn't work ... I have to go back to Green Animals topiary to retake it this summer ... so I think the prequel will be happier than Violince, but there are two sides to everything.


3:45 PM  
Anonymous Duane said...

Well, you know, hearing the reason behind presenting the verse
makes perfect sense - but without this sense - the meaning would
remain esoteric, if you ask me. I even wondered why this was
chosen between - what appears to be an album cover - and the
comments below it. The words Jesus, fig tree - and especially
curse bring a wealth of - what would be a good word?
And the word curse - Reggie White had something to say - and
I have something to say - but I'm still letting time go by
out of respect for the man.

As for the violin - if I could, I would play the cello. Always
liked the way ELO and The Beatles used it often.
I am a musician, fairly dedicated hobyist, I pick up my guitar
every day and do jazz exercises I learned in the 1970's.
I keep a record - and just this past week I had extra things to
do. I skipped three days in a row of playing. (this has NOT
happened in literally years!) Any musician
knows what this means - starting to sound worse than an amatuer.
The thing is, my calouses and dexterity did not seem to suffer
at all - but as I picked up the guitar on the fourth day and
held it in my hand it greated me like I was a stranger and I felt
compelled to put the poor thing back down. A weird feeling.
I went through the exercises, and we got reacquainted.

Fortunately, I can get through the whole gamut of fingerings
and pickings in less than ten minutes - along with a couple
Bach 2 Part inventions.
The violin requires, I'll bet, hours of lonely dedicated
practice every day to do it right.
So the rewards for that investment aren't appealing to your
daughter - as much as you loved her playing. It is sad.
But we have to switch gears and assume it's the best, right
choice. I'm sure the violin background will reap some
benefits for her.

3:19 PM  

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