Sunday, January 09, 2005

Silly Goat Software ... what the hay?

You may be wondering about the etiology of sillygoatblog ... my husband is a computer programmer (and a mighty good one imho) and eons ago, when the net was young, and e-bay was a little sprout, my husband developed Auction-eze software for picture posting to e-bay. He also developed e-bay spy software to search for specific items. Alas, marketing was the weak link in the life of these exceptional products ... that and the fact that e-bay was continually changing formats which required excessive maintenance. Anyway, that's how SillyGoatSoftware was formed and I am putting to use some of the domain names we've purchased over the years. If anyone out there is looking for a C++ programmer who also knows Linux and Java and PHP and any other letter combination which has to do with web programming ... just leave a note ... he's a database specialist available for small programming projects ...


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