Monday, January 17, 2005

Maxim, Maximillion, or Maxwell Smart?

Here's a pic of infamous Max

So what do you think? It's cold outside and frankly Max would rather stay in. He's a cutie, and when we walk Max (and Daisy) people stop their cars to ask what kind of dog he is. What, you've never heard of a piebald dachshund? Look it up in google.
We've learned all about Dachshunds from Max. He likes sleeping on heating vents and under covers. He's not so great with little kids or anyone he thinks he can intimidate, and that's limited to little people mostly. He's a small dog with a big attitude.
Max grew up on a farm and a few nights ago a young man who had just been building a barn (in the middle of winter) on a dairy farm visited us. Max went crazy when he smelled the young man's coat ... ah the scent of a farm ... can you imagine the puppyhood memories it evoked? ...


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