Sunday, January 09, 2005

All beginnings are hard ...

"All beginnings are hard." That's a German proverb and the first line of Chaim Potok's In the Beginning. There are several tangents where this blog may go, perhaps I should introduce a few and you, fair reader(s) make the choice: for literature and quotes --- I just finished Cousin Bette by Balzac and a more recent novel, Peace Like a River.
I've returned to college (graduated HS in 1976) and am working on a bachelors in Family & Consumer Sciences, Adolescent Education, with a minor in computer art. Art courses I will be taking this semester are: Interior Design, Computer Art and Drawing (studio art).
Other subjects we could broach would be 60s Eames era design, tin toys from my past, or interesting finds from thrift stores (I'm a Salvation Army junkie).
Or we could talk about Maxim, our un-neutered male dachshund (he's available!); I also have a soft spot for dairy goats and am quick to reminisce about Genevieve or Bella le Goatsie.
Goats and violins ... does this bring to mind Marc Chagall? I miss my daughter's violin and piano playing ... she's abandoned them for her film degree and the Indie Rock band she is now touring with --- www.
Enough for now? Let's go from here ...


Anonymous Menasche Scharf said...

"All beginnings are hard" originates from the Jewish Sages in their commentary on the Bible.

Just to credit this phrase to earlier sources...

7:42 AM  

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